The Player Piano Group was founded in 1959 by Frank Holland, who also founded the Musical Museum, to bring together all those interested in these instruments.

The group publishes printed bulletins and encourages contact between members and supporting an online open forum, social networking web presence and video media sharing experiences.

Regular social meetings, where instruments are displayed, played and admired give opportunities for meeting others of similar interests, enjoying music or a good old fashioned sing-a-long and (where would we be without it) the great hospitality of the events host.

The group has also arranged public concerts at London's South Bank Centre and other venues covering music from classical to modern and also runs a regular postal music roll auction in addition to providing information about sources of music rolls, both new and old, suppliers of restoration materials, professional restorers, museums, and many other topics.

The player piano was introduced around 1900 and produced in large numbers until the 1930s. The player piano is both a musical instrument and a machine. The mechanical mechanism plays the piano by means of a perforated roll of paper. Many of these fascinating and complicated instruments are still in existence, from the earliest type, namely the 'piano players' that were a mechanical mechanism in a cabinet which could play any ordinary piano, to the most sophisticated of the genre.

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