Collection Items for Sale

Last updated on: 1st Jan 1970 at 12:00am

Collection Items for Sale

A.  Offers for items in the Mick Doswell/Rye Museum Collection

 will now be considered as the house will be on the market in a few months time…..


B.  I have pleasure in sending you details of the Daphne Ladell Collection   [c.170 instruments located near Boxhill, Surrey, England]

which I am now able to offer for sale.

 This is the second three collections that I am offering for sale in 2017.

 1. Please cut and paste in to your browser this link to the book of photographs of the collection.

You may change the display to full screen up to 400% size.

 Please advise me if you cannot open this link

If you would like the starting prices list do let me know.

For details contact PPG member Kevin McElhone


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