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Last updated on: 14th Aug 2016 at 11:00pm

Market Place features items that are for sale, wanted, for exchange and free, from rolls and sundries to whole instruments.

There is no charge for entries. Members, non-members and commercial enterprises may advertise.

Advertisers may state a price, ask for offers or give items away, and should make carriage or collection and removal arrangements clear.

Details and pictures of items for inclusion should be sent to

The PPG reserves the right to refuse and edit entries if necessary. The PPG cannot be responsible for their accuracy or the condition of items. Advertisers and responders negotiate between themselves.

For security, email addresses contact details and phone numbers of private advertisers will normally be hidden: PPG members should state their membership number so they can be contacted directly via the PPG Membership List (available to members only). Non-members may request contact details via or the Contact us menu.

Advertisers should inform when an item is no longer available.

Location and contact: please log in to view location and contact details

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