Jools Holland is our new Patron

Author: The Player Piano Group, Last updated on: 3rd Nov 2012, 5:50pm

Jools Holland is our new Patron

When thinking of a patron for our group to succeed the late Sir Charles McKerras (the joyful owner of a barrel piano) no better person could be imagined than the hugely active and respected Jools Holland.

The breadth of his musical interests span the full range of music rolls, and he, with his mother June, have been past PPG members. We are delighted that he has graciously accepted our approach and has replied as follows:

"... I have indeed been given great pleasure and have had many hours of joy and escape with pianolas. In fact, I wouldn't be where I am today if there hadn't been one in the family home. There are musical instrument, a piece of furniture, a scientific wonder, a friend in the corner and a life changing item. Bearing all this in mind I was most honoured to be invited to be Patron of The Player Piano Group..."

We can be pleased that the pianola and our group with it have a place in his affection while we ourselves continue to promote the fun and fascination of playing and pedalling whenever we can !!!

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