Live Pianola with Michael Broadway

Last updated on: 24th Feb 2020 at 7:03pm

Live Pianola with Michael Broadway

Join Michael Broadway, custodian of the Royal Albert Hall’s world famous Organ, for an intimate lunchtime performance with one of the more unique instruments in classical music – the Pianola, coupled with our red piano in the Elgar Room.

Having studied Pianola performance for over 30 years, Michael offers a rare opportunity to see him play his 1914 Orchestrelle Company Push-Up Pianola, combined with the hall's own Markson Pianos red piano (of Elton John’s famous Las Vegas residency fame). As part of the performance Michael will also talk about the history of the instrument and explain how the musical magic works.

Many may believe a live Pianola performance is no different from listening to a CD: simply switch it on and it plays; but here we will have something different, the rolls of music being played at this show were made as direct transcriptions of the musical score, note for note on graph paper in a mathematical and mechanical way and are not recordings of a pianist’s performance – which require the intervention of Michael to coax a musical performance from the bare notes.

Tickets £5 including fees.

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Photo credit: Andy Paradise

Date: 17th Apr 2020, 12:30pm

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