The London Duo-Art Pianists

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The London Duo-Art Pianists

The extraordinary pictures and biographies which form the core of this book are of the pianists known to have recorded in London for the Duo-Art reproducing piano.

Additional sections recount the history of the Duo-Art, how it functioned, how rolls were recorded, edited and manufactured, and assess its fidelity.

It is not intended solely for informed enthusiasts of the Duo-Art Pianola, but also for those interested in pianos, pianists and pianism.

Published in 2014, the centenary year of the Duo-Art, it is dedicated to the memory of Reginald Reynolds, the London Duo-Art recording engineer and editor, and of his late daughter Yvonne Hinde-Smith, benefactor to the Player Piano Group, of which she was for many years Vice President.

The accompanying CD has 25 tracks of featured pianists, including several spoken interviews.

Price including CD is £10, plus postage and packaging.

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